BRAD Creative started with the simple idea of bringing top-notch expertise from our collaborators to small companies.

Our team has helped Top 500 companies to achieve success in the digital market scene. We wanted to implement these strategies on a smaller scale, to make small businesses thrive.

No, really, why BRAD? Is Brad a freelancer guy?

haha good question!

No, you will not find a guy named Brad (well, not currently) at our company.

The name BRAD is an acronym for Brazilian Advertising. Knowing Brazil is one of the best exporters of creativity (according to Cannes Lions Awards, Luerzers Archive and other respectable publications)

As an international brand, BRAD also conveys Brilliant, Bright, Brave Advertising.

Since some of our founders are Brazilian, the idea was to bring the brilliance and the high standards of the Brazilian advertising to the United States, Canada and Australia and the U.K.

Another advantage of having Brazil as a creative hub for our company is having the same time zone as most of the United States and Canada.

Feel inspired yet? If not, here are some articles so you know what we are talking about:




We have a very limited budget, how can you help us make the most of our money?

Great question. And very simple as well. Think about other advertising/marketing agencies. Extravagant buildings, full-time employees (even if they work 3h a day) and other perks. All of these costs will reflect on the final pricing since they have to maintain these standards.

First, we are a platform-based agency. Which means we are not going to waste your time (and money) creating something websites or web apps from pure code.

Also, at BRAD we have created the S/M/A/R/T way to handle our business. S/M/A/R/T means more freedom to you and to our collaborators.

What is a platform-based agency?

Big companies don’t start their websites from scratch. They build on top of platforms. Demandware, Episerver, Hybrys and Oracle are some of the CMS’s these companies spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on. The benefit of it is that they do not have to spend even more, since these companies have their teams working 24/7 to make their products better.

What we do here at BRAD is simply scaling this strategy. We determine the best platform for your website and we build on top of that. Webflow, WordPress, Squarespace are some of our favorite and it can cost a fraction of the price to maintain. We also help you set up some of the hottest marketing solutions such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Google Analytics and more.

S/M/A/R/T sounds like a fancy ad jargon, what does that stand for?

S/M/A/R/T – Something Meaningless And Ridiculous Too.

Yes, we created this acronym to show you that, even if things can sound fancy, they are possibly meaningless. Like having a building in uptown. Or “buying” awards for your company.

What we want you to know is that we will optimize your money. We will tailor the team as you wish and if they work 3 hours for you, you won’t pay for 8h. You won’t be paying for our crazy holiday party because we won’t have one. That sound smart, eh?

Are there any discounts we could take advantage of?

Yes, indeed! And we are glad you asked!

At BRAD we want to make sure you can invest accordingly. So we offer a 20% discount on regular prices for companies with only one location, 10% discount for companies with 2-4 locations and 5% for companies with 5-10 locations.

Also, military-owned business? Well, lucky you! (and thank you for your service!). We offer 10% discount for companies that affiliated with any military business association. This discount also extends to ex and current first responders, and their respective affiliations.

Want another good news? The discounts are stackable! Meaning, you are a veteran and your company has only one location? Ta-da! 30% discount for you!

Woah, that all sounds great, how can we start?

We are glad to hear that! Please send us an email at weare@creativebrad.com or check other ways to contact us on our contact page.

We can’t wait to hear from you!